• Hair Color: Blonde
  • Likes: Art, music, gifts worth my time, mutual respect, genuine conversation, initiative and my bills paid.
  • Dislikes: Disrespect, actions without consent, price matching/haggling, bad hygiene, wasting my time, inability to say no or respect your own wants without wasting others time.
  • Interested In: Learning the mysteries of any individual to become the perfect fantasy.
  • Playlist: Anything from Erykah Badu to Black Sabbath. Favorites for my stage sets include deft tones, various rap artists and indie. Ask me for artist recommendations next time you see me.
  • Work Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 8pm-close Sometimes on the rare occasion you can catch me Wednesday/Friday/Sunday same time.

  • BIO
    Welcome to your personally curated fantasy by yours truly. Which side of Gemini will you get? It’s completely up to you and how you treat me. I can be your dream come true let’s connect to establish a genuine fantasy for a perfect night together.

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