• Hair Color: Brown
  • Likes: Good vibes, money, entertaining, girls & guys with a kink
  • Dislikes: Bad energy and bitterness, communication
  • Interested In: Dancing , money , fashion , sports , concerts (good times )
  • Playlist: Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Pop Smoke, Trey Song, Lil Baby, Da Baby, Rod Wave, Cierra, Tank, Nelly, Chris Brown, Usher, Beyonc√©, Whitney Houston, Marg J Blige, Al Green, Charlie Winston, Bella, T.I, Tupca, Biggie, etc.
  • Work Schedule: Tuesday (every other Tuesday) nights Wednesday nights Thursday nights Fridays Nights Sunday nights

  • BIO
    Warm and sweet Shy at first to new people Straight forward Good energy

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