• Hair Color: Brunette
  • Likes: Dogs, craft cocktails/mixology, art, escape rooms and puzzles
  • Dislikes: Bad etiquette, bad hygiene, and not being able to pet dogs that pass by me.
  • Interested In: Being the best me I can be
  • Playlist: My favorite bands/artists are: Tame Impala Lana Del Rey Cigarettes After Sex Aerosmith
  • Work Schedule: Typically working dayshift Fridays and Saturdays.

  • BIO
    I believe in treating every guest that walks in with respect and doing my best to give them the most fun and memorable experience. The guests comfort and enjoyment is the most important thing to me. Also I just really love having fun when I’m at work and getting to know different people! I love working with other girls as well and I believe the more the merrier! (;

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